Design and Draughting

As part of our service, we are able to transfer existing mechanical, electrical and other drawings to either 

2D design or 3D design models and drawings.  We also check drawings.

We have also designed various items such as globe valves, ball valves, air eliminators, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, ancillary samplers for mass spectrometers, production fixtures and tooling for customers.  

This includes finding suitable test facilities where appropriate and also sourcing hard to find materials.

Models and illustrations can be presented to the client if requested for use as artwork for product flyers and other marketing materials.

3D image of Turbine Assembly Turbine Assembly Drawing

Plastic Moulding Design

We have previously designed plastic meter boxes for the gas and electricity industries. Also we design plastic items, fittings and components for other industries.

Finite Element Analysis

We analyse components and/or assemblies as required by clients to optimise products.


FEA of End Plate FEA of Turbine Assembly

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

Approval for Products


We collect information and assist clients in applying for the approvals with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.



Pressure Equipment Directive

Approval for Products

This service is provided where we are able to collect information and facilitate clients in applying for approvals with the 

Pressure Equipment Directive.


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